Chevrolet van G20 1976, 1977

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Chevrolet, Chili164

Greenlight, Limited Edition, County Roads Series 7&8, 1:64

Welcome on board to 2 latest Chili Peppies (I called models so) of my crowded family! Two brand-new Cheverolet van G20 1976 and 1977 which in Greenlight SE, County Roads series 7&8 with branding of Mc Murphy lawn care and The Flying Cupcake on the whole car. Have to admit that I’ve felt in love with tiny van/truck die-cast or non-die-cast models since the first time I brought home a Tomica truck – it’s a ramen/Japanese noodle truck.

I’m attracted by its tiny size and certain lovely details, my collective criteria is quite clear for now, with the truck or big car models I will go with 1:50 ratio or smaller, I thought the big/huge cars in real life will be much lovely when they were made in small sizes and within your hand. And for tiny/small/super cars I preferred 1:24 ratio and shouldn’t bigger than that, except for really special cars, like…a orange & black Lotus Exige or it’s cheap :).

Well, enjoy :)

PS: The background of buildings behind are made by my beloved wife :’)

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